Zac Taylor Goes Back To Back

Zac Taylor

ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo. — Wasting no time adding his second Brodix ASCS Frontier Region triumph to his list of accomplishments, Zac Taylor made it back-to-back wins at Sweetwater Speedway.

Traveling from Colorado, Zack Merritt crossed second with Damon McCune third. Robert DeHaan and Mindy McCune made up the top five.

The finish:

  1. 86-Zac Taylor[4]; 2. 74-Zack Merritt[3]; 3. 77-Damon McCune[5]; 4. 33-Robert DeHaan[8]; 5. 11-Mindy McCune[9]; 6. 0J-Jeremy McCune[7]; 7. 77X-Shad Petersen[6]; 8. 38-Caleb Crowther[10]; 9. 14-Madison Crowther[11]; 10. 5C-Channing Filler[1]; 11. 74U-Chauncey Filler[2]