Wofford Rides Winning Wave

Lorne Wofford won Saturday's ASCS Southwest feature at Central Arizona Raceway. (Terry Shaw photo)
Lorne Wofford won Saturday’s ASCS Southwest feature at Central Arizona Raceway. (Terry Shaw photo)

CASA GRANDE, Ariz. — Lorne Wofford is giving the Hose Advantage Store Southwest Region a run for their money, going undefeated in his past three starts with the Arizona based ASCS region.

Topping events at the Central Arizona Raceway in Casa Grande, Ariz. Wofford utilized slower traffic to work past Kyle McCutcheon to lead the final two revolutions. Despite losing his brakes, McCutcheon held on for second Rick Ziehl, Joshua Williams, and Billy Chester making up the top five.

The finish:

Lorne Wofford, Kyle McCutcheon, Rick Ziehl, Joshua Williams, Billy Chester III, Kaylene Verville, Jeff Slinkard, Darrell Sickles, Steve Lohn, Casey Buckman, John Ziehl, Perry McMillan, Cody Cambensy, Lance Norick.



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