Rules Change For Two-Day ASCS Events


TULSA, Okla. – Concerning two-day events with the American Sprint Car Series, an amendment has been made to the ASCS rule book in regards to lock-in drivers from the first night.

The Top-Four drivers from the first night of competition will no longer lock into the second day of a two-day show, meaning all two-day events are treated with each night as it’s own standalone event.

One thing not changed is that, in order to be eligible for the redraw on the second night, the driver must have drawn in and attempted to compete on the first night.

“I apologize for making the change after the season started. We talked about this last season and meant to make the change before PRI, and it got overlooked,” said ASCS founder Emmett Hahn. “We raced last weekend at I-96 Speedway and honored it because it was already a part of the weekend program, but going forward there will be no lock-ins from the first night to the second on ASCS two-day events.”

Events like Dirt Cup, Knoxville 360 Nationals, and the Hockett/McMillin Memorial do not follow the two-day format and are special events with unique formats that use event points.

The rule now reads as follows:

“On the second night for a two-day event at the same track, all drivers will re-qualify. No lock-ins from the first night. The top four in passing points (who drew in and attempted to compete on the first night) will draw for positions one through four, with the next four drivers in passing points drawing for positions five through eight.”