O Canada Is Dirt Cup Cry

Robbie Price and Skagit Speedway promoter Steve Beitler. (Lisa Dynes photo)
Robbie Price and Skagit Speedway promoter Steve Beitler. (Lisa Dynes photo)

ALGER, Wash. — There were three leaders, six lead changes and a list of firsts for Robbie Price in Saturday’s 48th annual Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup presented by the Skagit Casino Resort at Skagit Speedway.

The driver of the Millstone Heating and Sheetmetal No. 21p landed his first $15,000 Dirt Cup paycheck and his first Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network victory to become the first Canadian to win the event.

“It’s always good to come home, and it gives me some peace of mind. I like it a lot, and I’ll be honest, we’ve sucked a lot this year so to come out here and win, it’s such a great feeling and a great accomplishment. I’m just excited,” the 21-year-old driver said.

Taking the green from the fourth spot, Price chased Jason Solwold for third as Blake Hahn took off with the top spot after an opening lap drag race with Matt Covington.

Trying to swing low on a slower car on lap 13, Hahn made contact and spun. Never coming to a stop, and inadvertent caution was thrown to bring the field single file with Hahn in lining up in fifth.

Covington gained the lead and pulled away in clean air with Price under fire from Solwold as the pair went slide for slide over the next few laps. Keeping pace at the line over the No. 18, Price began running down Covington who had started to work back into slower traffic.

Taking advantage of slower cars, Price took a shot at the lead with Covington answering the challenge. Back and forth through traffic, Covington and Price used the slower cars as picks as Jason Solwold closed with BHahn and Colton Heath in tow.

With the top five nearly under a blanket, Robbie Price took over the top spot on lap 22. Stalked by Covington, the No. 95 reclaimed the lead on lap 27, but Covington’s night would fall 10 laps shy of the $15,000 payday as the engine expired on lap 30.

Price led on the restart, but another yellow flag came when Justyn Cox spun on lap 33.

Price held off Hahn’s late-race charge to win by .364 seconds.

Fighting from seventh, 2018 Dirt Cup winner Seth Bergman, ran to third in the closing laps with Jason Solwold settling for fourth. Scott Bogucki finished fifth.

The finish:

Feature (40 Laps): 1. 21P-Robbie Price, [4]; 2. 52-Blake Hahn, [2]; 3. 23-Seth Bergman, [7]; 4. 18-Jason Solwold, [3]; 5. 28-Scott Bogucki, [13]; 6. 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr, [9]; 7. 33-Colton Heath, [6]; 8. 22X-Travis Jacobson, [14]; 9. J2-John Carney II, [5]; 10. 8-Devon Borden, [10]; 11. 8R-Justin Sanders, [18]; 12. 11-Roger Crockett, [8]; 13. 9R-Reece Goetz, [21]; 14. 96-Greg Hamilton, [17]; 15. 44W-Austen Wheatley, [12]; 16. 8C-Justyn Cox, [15]; 17. 56-Justin Youngquist, [19]; 18. 57C-Chris Schmelzle, [16]; 19. 33S-Lance Sargent, [11]; 20. (DNF) 95-Matt Covington, [1]; 21. (DNF) 77X-Alex Hill, [20]; 22. (DNF) 2X-Tucker Doughty, [22]