McClelland Leads All 25 At Lawton


LAWTON, Okla. — Sean McClelland led all 25 laps to win the American Bank of Oklahoma ASCS Sooner Region season opener at Lawton Speedway Saturday night.

With only a lap two stoppage to hinder the pace, McClelland led the entire field in a rim rider that took approximately 10 minutes and 36 seconds to complete. The score marked McClelland‘s sixth career ASCS Sooner Region victory at Lawton‘s quarter-mile red clay oval.

Danny Jennings shadowed McClelland around the extreme top side groove, pulling up to McClelland’s tail tank with a handful of laps remaining, but ultimately settled four car lengths behind the leader with runner up honors.

Shane Sellers earned a new career best ASCS finish, turning away Andy Shouse in spirited fashion to take third. Joe Wood Jr. was fifth.

The finish:

Sean McClelland, Danny Jennings, Shane Sellers, Andy Shouse, Joe Wood Jr., John Carney, Matt Covington, Koby Barksdale, Wes Wofford, Brian McClelland, Josh Baughman, Martin Edwards, Jesse Frazier, Michelle Decker, John Ricketts, Brian Roberts, Nicholas Lucito, Brandon Hahn, Joe Bob Lee, Robert Sellers.