Jackson Nationals Gains ASCS Sanction


JACKSON, Minn. — Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer and is a reward for the working man. It is a day that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers in the United States.

On Aug. 30-31, the Jackson Speedway will honor this tradition by presenting a timeless classic – the 35th running of the Jackson Nationals. While many great professional racers, like Steve Kinser and Doug Wolfgang, have carried the title of the Jackson Nationals champion, the Jackson Nationals has rewarded many of the working men who have made Sprint Car racing great.

From farmers, like famed racer Marv DeWall to local heroes, like Jack McCorkell, to chassis builders, like Brian Schnee, they have all made their way to victory lane at the Jackson Nationals for the five foot tall trophy and the pot of gold that went with it.

The 35th edition of the race at the Jackson Speedway will be held on Friday, Aug. 30 and Saturday, Aug. 31, and will feature the Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Car Dirt Series. The series will bring their full compliment of racers like Wayne Johnson, Tony Bruce Jr., Jeff Swindell, Johnny Herrera and 2012 series champion Jason Johnson to Jackson to compete for the coveted crown.

“We are very exciting about all aspects of this promotion and particularly to be working in tandem with Jon McCorkell and everyone at the Jackson Speedway to make the 35th Jackson Nationals one of the best ever,” said Adam Adamson of A to Z Promotions. “Labor Day weekend in southern Minnesota, northern Iowa and the Dakotas has lacked a big Sprint show and we want to make it a steady date for this historic race. I grew up going to races at this track and know how special the history of this race is to people around the area. Actually, I found out from my parents recently that I was at the very first Jackson Nationals when I was just 11 months old so I’m excited to continue to make it into one of the biggest events in the sport.”

The addition of the ASCS Lucas Oil Sprint Car Dirt Series also adds intrigue to the event.

“Having the ASCS tour involved brings the best in 360 racing to Jackson to take on all the local and regional guys for a big money show. I can’t wait to see if someone like Gregg Bakker or Skylar Prochaska can beat these guys on their home turf,” said Adamson.