Hustling Henderson Rules Knoxville

Justin Henderson won Friday night's Knoxville 360 Nationals preliminary feature. (Frank Smith photo)
Justin Henderson won Friday night’s Knoxville 360 Nationals preliminary feature. (Frank Smith photo)

KNOXVILLE, Iowa — Justin Henderson has visited Knoxville victory lane five times in 410 sprint car competition, but had not picked up a win in 360 victory until night two of the Arnold Motor Supply 360 Knoxville Nationals Friday.

“We drew a bad number coming in,” laughed Henderson as he commented on how his girlfriend drew next to last for the No. 21v to qualify. “She was afraid everyone was going to hate her, and I kept telling her everything was going to be alright. She gave me a good luck kiss there before I went out for the A-Main and that always seems to work!”

Elated with his finish, Henderson was nearly speechless at times as he thanked his team, “Brent Vonk from B.R. Speed gave me a one heck of a beautiful race car and we’ve been working our butts off this past month since I got home. I tell you, talk about a storybook ending. Hopefully we can go the distance on Saturday.”

Starting third, the Hard Core Speed Shop No. 21v jumped to the point, driving around Justyn Cox and Josh Higday in the first two turns, quickly running away to a comfortable advantage. Even in late race slower traffic, Henderson remained uncontested, crossing 2.727 seconds ahead of seventh-starting Shane Stewart whose runner-up finish put the Jeff Gordon’s Kick-It Foundation No. 57 atop the accumulated points, edging Wayne Johnson by a single marker to earn the pole in Saturday Arnold Motor Supply A-Feature.

Kevin Swindell worked to the runner up spot on lap four, but surrendered the show position with two laps remaining to finish third. Clint Garner crossed fourth with polesitter Justyn Cox completing the top five.

The results:

Fast time: Terry McCarl, 16.730 seconds.

First Heat (8 laps): Danny Holtgraver, Robby Wolfgang, Nate Van Haaften, Kyle Sauder, Terry McCarl, Rager Phillips, Jody Rosenboom, Skylar Prochaska, Dylan Peterson, Jack Dover.

Second Heat (8 laps): Russ Hall, Josh Higday, Scott Winters, Seth Brahmer, Jarrod Schneiderman, Dusty Zomer, Caleb Helms, Parker Price-Miller, Paul Morris, John James.

Third Heat (8 laps): Jeff Swindell, Shane Stewart, Mark Dobmeier, Kolt Walker, Tony Shilling, Ryan Bickett, Tony Bruce Jr., Robbie Stillwaggon, Josh Hodges, Tom Lenz.

Fourth Heat (8 laps): Don Droud Jr., Justin Henderson, Kevin Swindell, Jamie Veal, Kyle Sager, Sam Hafertepe Jr., Billy Alley, Gregg Bakker, Tyler Drueke, Bobby Mincer.

Fifth Heat (8 laps): Brian Brown, Brandon Wimmer, Clint Garner, Justyn Cox, Brandon Hanks, Seth Bergman, Brooke Tatnell, Thomas Kennedy, Jared Goerges, Chris Masters.

C Main (10 laps): Dover, Drueke, Lenz, Hodges, Goerges, Mincer, Wood, Bl. Hahn, Baughman, Masters, Br. Hahn, Morris, Montgomery, Peterson, James.

B Main (12 laps): McCarl, Tatnell, Schneiderman, Bruce, Zomer, Hafertepe, Shilling, Alley, Kennedy, Phillips, Bergman, Dover, Bickett, Bakker, Prochaska, Drueke, Stillwaggon, Hodges, Lenz, Sager, Rosenboom, Hanks, Helms, Price-Miller.

Feature (20 laps): Henderson, Stewart, Swindell, Garner, Cox, Wolfgang, Brown, Winters, Droud, Higday, Hall, Brahmer, Wimmer, Swindell, Holtgraver, Tatnell, McCarl, Bruce, Veal, Schneiderman, Walker, Van Haaften, Sauder, Dobmeier.


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