Deskins Soars To ASCS Canyon Glory


PEORIA, Ariz. — Shon Deskins raced to his first ASCS Canyon Region non-wing sprint car win on the opening night of the third annual Southwest Championships at Canyon Speedway Park Friday.

While Deskins enjoyed Canyon Region honors for the first time, Joshua Shipley put himself in prime position for Saturday night’s $5,000-to-win ASCS2 Micro Sprint Car event with a preliminary triumph while Chaz Baca, Jr., bested the Southwest Mod Lites.

Deskins took the Southwest Championships opener from the fourth starting position in front of current Canyon Region points leader Charles Davis Jr., with Josh Pelkey advancing from 12th to claim the show position.

Mike Bonneau and Chris Bonneau rounded out the top five.

Joshua Shipley raced from the pole position to claim his second ASCS2 Micro Sprint Car victory at CSP in front of Dennis Carrier, Josh Pelkey, Nick Aiuto and Dustin Cormany.

Chaz Baca, Jr., advanced from the third row outside for his first Southwest Mod Lite win of the year in front of ninth-starter Vince Perez and Justin Thornton.