Davis Wins ‘Brawl For It All’


PEORIA, Ariz. — “The Brawl for it All” may have been to fitting a name for the drive Charles Davis Jr. had to mount to earn Saturday night’s $2,500 payday as the Sunoco Fuels ASCS Canyon Region took on the USAC West Coast Sprint Cars at Canyon Speedway Park.

Taking the high line from his second starting position on the ultra-fast desert oval, Davis shot into the lead on the third circuit around Hosford’s No. 32b and went unmatched the next 12 laps until Ryan Bernal came into the picture.

Climbing from 13nth, Bernal bolted into lead on lap fifteen before surrendering the point on lap 21 as Davis, still running the cushion, re-assumed the top spot for the next five laps of racing.

Trading the lead for the third time in as many laps, Bernal worked the hub of the track before the pair traded the lead for the fourth and final time with Charles Davis Jr. emerging victorious.

Ryan Bernal claimed the runner-up spot with R.J. Johnson making up the podium. Rick Ziehl and Danny Sheridan completed the top five.

The finish:

Charles Davis Jr., Ryan Bernal, R.J. Johnson, Rick Ziehl, Danny Sheridan, Shon Deskins, Colby Copeland, Josh Pelkey, Dalten Gabbard, Brody Roa, Jeremy Sherman, Bruce St. James, Mike Martin, Josh Shipley, Brian Hosford, Rickie Gaunt, Chris Bonneau, Michael Bonneau, Bryan Swinehart, Andrew Reinbold, Michael Curtis, Mike Spencer.



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