Cornell Rules Double X Speedway


CALIFORNIA, Mo. — The Double X Speedway welcomed the Speedway Motors Warrior Region Friday night with Jonathan Cornell staying undefeated at the quarter-mile in 2013 by leading the distance in the night’s A-Feature.

Evan Martin and Tyler Blank took the final podium steps with ninth starting Kyle Bellm fourth followed by Randy Martin from eighth to complete the top five.

The remainder of the top ten included Mitchell Moore, Adam Jones, Bryan Grimes, Josh Fisher and Jay Russell.

The finish:

Jonathan Cornell, Evan Martin, Tyler Blank, Kyle Bellm, Randy Martin, Mitchell Moore, Adam Jones, Bryan Grimes, Josh Fisher, Jay Russell, Cody Baker, Lanny Carpenter, Dustin Barks, Curtis Boyer, Mike Peters, Trevor (T.J.) Muths, Mike Trent, J. Kinder, Chad Ely, Tyler Elliott