Brian Brown Always An ASCS Threat

Brian Brown in 2013. (Frank Smith photo)
Brian Brown in 2013. (Frank Smith photo)
Brian Brown in 2013. (Frank Smith photo)

TULSA, Okla. – While most take notice of full time Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour drivers like Jason Johnson, Tony Bruce, Jr., and Jeff Swindell; fans and drivers alike stand at attention when the FVP/Casey’s General Store No. 21 of Brian Brown rolls into the pits.

Starting his season at the Cocopah Speedway on February 28, Brown’s 2014 lineup shows a schedule of 20-25 Lucas Oil ASCS presented by MAVTV American Real events.

“The National Tour has always been a marquee series across the country, and when you show up to those races, you better have your “I’s” dotted and your “T’s crossed,” said Brown. “You better be prepared to go out and put your best foot forward and compete because if you don’t, you’re going to go home with your tail between your legs; maybe not even making the show.”

Running a mixture of sanctioning bodies and engine combinations, Brown will again be a force in 410cid and 360cid competition.

Asked if he feels that makes him more versatile behind the wheel, Brown explained that he feels it does help.

“I think the cool part about our schedule is one night we may be with the World of Outlaws, and one night with ASCS National Tour, and maybe the next night with the ASCS Warrior Region,” Brown said. “I think that just makes it fun to see how you stack up against different types of drivers, based on 410 and 360, and we’ve had some success in the past and I think it does make us more versatile when it comes to going to a track for the first time; or something like that.”

Bringing up his Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour record, which ranks among the tour’s best in terms of consistency with 75.37 percent of A-Feature finishes inside the top-10, Brown was quick to point out that the driver is the name that people see at the end of the day, but it’s everyone, and everything supporting that driver that needs to get credit.

“With stats like that, the driver is the one that obviously gets a lot of the credit, but the crew — the team you have behind you, all you supports, and your partnerships those are the ones that really make those records happen so, at the end of the day — it’s going to say Brian Brown, but it should have an asterisk and list all the people who help you get to that point,” Brown said.

Making minimal changes to the car during the off-season, Brown said the main core of the team in regards to chassis, engines, and other manufactures was for the most part unchanged. The biggest change over the winter was the addition of Ohio Sprint Car driver, Beau Stewart to the crew.

With the success that Brown has amassed over the years, he still takes time to refer to the expertise of his Uncle, Danny Lasoski. “I speak to him on a weekly basis. To me, when you’ve got that wealth of knowledge and experience at your disposal, it would be crazy not to use that.”

Overall in 2013, Brian Brown was the highest finishing part-time driver; ending up 11th in National points.