A Different Road Lies Ahead


But life as Dana Kinser has known it for 32 years is about to change as her husband’s final full season on the World of Outlaws tour draws to a close and she faces a different road ahead.

“We’ve traveled a lot but have never taken vacations,” Dana Kinser said. “We have friends all around the country that we are lucky enough to see, but we are always kind of hanging out a little bit at the race track or around the track. So it would be nice to go to Oklahoma and visit Andy Hillenburg and maybe spend a couple days out on the lake with him and Deann. Things like that.

“I would love to travel overseas, but I don’t know about Steve because he seems to like English,” she added. “He’s made sacrifices on his being, one being his hearing. So by him not being able to hear as well as he likes, he’s not comfortable in certain situations. Plus, he’s still focused on his career. Only time will tell us what he’s going to be comfortable doing. But I can’t image him staying home because he likes to be busy all the time.”

After a frustrating 2013 season, Steve Kinser was ready to step away from the sport. But discussions during the days leading up to the World of Outlaws World Finals focused on the importance of running one more season for his fans and the Salute to the King tour was eventually introduced.

“It was a tough decision. Giving him the space to have the intensity that he needs to race; when he was younger it wasn’t something we had to put aside for or try to create. And today it is. He just doesn’t have that desire to maybe go out every single night,” Dana Kinser explained. “But I don’t think he really grasps how much a part of people’s lives he has been. He’s a little intimidating, so I’ve talked to people over the years and now I think they are talking to him a little bit more, being a little bit more aggressive than they normally would. So he’s getting to hear some of the stories about how important events in their lives have been shaped by spending time with him or watching him race.”

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Keith Waltz
Keith Waltz has written about auto racing since first joining the SPEED SPORT staff in January 1983. He has worked alongside racing legends Chris Economaki, Darrell Waltrip and H.A. “Humpy” Wheeler during his career.