RACELOGIC Backs SVRA & Trans-Am Series


SOUTHLAKE, Texas – Trans-Am Series presented by Pirelli and Sportscar Vintage Racing Ass’n officials have announced that RACELOGIC is now the official driver data and video logging company of both racing organizations.

Founded in 1992, RACELOGIC designs and manufactures electronic systems to measure, record, display, analyze and simulate data from moving vehicles.

“Data collection and analytics have become an essential and integral part of today’s racing operations. That’s true if you are a vintage racer or a competitor in a top-tier professional series like Trans-Am,” said Tony Parella, SVRA CEO and majority owner of the Trans-Am Series presented by Pirelli.  “RACELOGIC provides state-of-the-art solutions our teams need.”

RACELOGIC’s flagship VBOX solutions have become an industry standard way to measure speed, position, distance and acceleration. Beyond race car data acquisition, other applications include driver coaching and race series management. VBOX Motorsport in-car camera systems and performance meters are also increasingly popular in motorsport. The VBOX Video HD2 platform has two cameras and allows live streaming. SVRA and Trans Am plan to live-stream their combined schedule in 2020.

“With our broad portfolio of products and solutions, we know we can create value for both SVRA and Trans-Am as well as their race teams,” said Paul Ferreira, Manager, Motorsport Division, RACELOGIC. “At the heart of our business model is a level of engagement which benefits our customers and gives us insights useful to continuously improve our offerings.”