Lee Hill Named SCCA Board Chairman

Lee Hill
Lee Hill has been named the new chairman of the SCCA Board of Directors.

TOPEKA, Kan. – The Sports Car Club of America Board of Directors have named Lee Hill as the leadership’s Chairman during its December meeting.

Hill replaces outgoing Chairman John Walsh, who had reached his six-year term limit on the Board of Directors.

Hill is completing his second year on the Board as the Area 3 Director. An SCCA member since 1993, he has been a regular competitor in Spec Racer, Spec Racer Ford and Spec Racer Ford Gen3 for more than two decades. He was a Central Florida Region Assistant RE for five years, the Region’s webmaster for nearly 10 years, and is a frequent F&C volunteer.

Outside of SCCA activities, Hill operated an information publishing business, Hill-Donnelly Directories, which was sold in 2002 to a publicly traded information company, but Hill stayed on and acted as the division’s president for another three years. He has also conducted various consulting activities, primarily in information and business process management/improvement.

“I’m honored and gratified to have been selected by the Board of Directors as Chairman for 2017,” Hill said. “I look forward to addressing the SCCA’s needs in the coming year, beginning with the opportunity to bring a new, highly-qualified President to the Club.”

The BoD also set its slate of officers for the 2017 calendar year. Dan Helman (Vice Chairman), KJ Christopher (Treasurer), and Tere Pulliam (Secretary) remain in their 2016 roles for the coming year. Bruce Lindstrand will serve as the first alternate.

Additionally, the 13-member board appointed duties for committees and liaisons to oversee the Club during the 2017 calendar year. Those assigned to fill Board committees are as follows:
– Budget & Finance: Christopher (Chairman), Marcus Merideth, Helman, Lindstrand, Jim Weidenbaum, Charlie Davis
– Compensation, Audit and Investment: Helman (Chairman), Chris Albin, Pulliam, Weidenbaum and Bob Dowie
– Planning: Arnie Coleman (Chairman), Helman, Jack Burrows, Dowie, Weidenbaum, Earl Hurlbut and Albin

Board liaisons to various committees and subsidiaries are as follows:
– Solo Events Board: Dowie, Hurlbut
– Club Racing Board: Lindstrand, Merideth, Davis
– Time Trial Advisory Committee: Pulliam, Weidenbaum
– Executive Stewards: Pulliam, Coleman
– Court of Appeals: Coleman, Dowie
– RE & Operations: Dowie, Burrows
– Road Rally Board: Hurlbut, Dowie
– RallyCross Board: Albin, Coleman
– SCCA Foundation: Weidenbaum, Lindstrand, Burrows
– Ventures: Helman (Chairman), Lindstrand
– IT/Website: Christopher, Weidenbaum, Coleman
– Governance Committee: Pulliam (Chairman), Coleman, Burrows, Helman, Davis
– Strategic Planning Committee: Coleman, Weidenbaum, Merideth, Burrows, Albin