Chris Dyson To Pilot No. 57 Kryderacing Cadillac

Chris Dyson announces that we will field his own team. (SCCA Photo)

MIAMI — Longtime Trans-Am Series presented by Pirelli participants Kryderacing and David Pintaric have announced that Chris Dyson will pilot the No. 57 Kryderacing Cadillac CTS-V in TA class competition Sept. 10 at Watkins Glen (N.Y.) Int’l.

The race will mark the Trans-Am debut for Dyson, a two-time IMSA American Le Mans Series champion and veteran of motorsport, as he teams up with Kryderacing, a veteran Trans-Am team of five year’s experience.

“From the beginning of the year I’ve known I wouldn’t be able to compete full time due to personal obligations,” said David Pintaric, car owner and customary pilot of the No. 57. “I’ve been wanting to showcase this car; I feel like it’s one of the best out there, Tony Ave built, Kryderacing prepped. Since Sebring, we’ve been looking for a driver to be a guest in the No. 57, a driver who would benefit us as a team and Trans-Am as a series. I’m very pleased to announce that driver will be Chris Dyson.”

“I’m really looking forward to competing in Trans=Am,” said Dyson. “We got to test together about a couple weeks ago, and it went very well. There’s been a lot of chemistry with David from the beginning, and I’ve gotten to know Matt Miller, who runs the team for David, and he and I have clicked pretty quickly. It’s an exciting series, good competition, really powerful cars; and I think it’s going to be a great opportunity for me to go out and race again. I’m very grateful for this.”

The move was finalized following an early August test at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, one from which both Pintaric and Dyson left enthusiastic.

“The cars are thrilling,” said Dyson. “They’ve got enormous horsepower and the distances between the corners is pretty short as a result of that. There’s a decent amount of tire, and the cars are not overly dependent on aerodynamics, so I think that puts the impetus on the driver to be smooth with the inputs and execute technically all the aspects of driving. With the monstrous torque, you really have to look after the tires; and I feel that brings a lot of skills to bare and I’m quite excited about. It’s definitely a driver’s car and a timeless formula.”

“The test was a really neat experience,” said Pintaric. “It was the first time Chris and I have met, after months of speaking on the phone together. I was pleased with how nice he was, how considerate of equipment he was, he gets it. There are a lot of fast drivers out there that abuse a car, he’s not one. Still, we were watching every lap, and he just kept getting faster. I think he had a great time, you start doing 177 mph down the back straight at Mid-Ohio, you’re having a good time.”

“I’d like to thank David for the opportunity to compete in the Trans-Am Series,” continued Dyson. “I’ve been wanting to race in Trans-Am since I was a kid, in fact, it was one of the first series I looked at when I was a teenager. I’m glad I’m finally getting the opportunity and it’s in a great car and at my favorite track in North America. And I’m hopeful I can get a great result for David and the team.”

For Pintaric, bringing Dyson’s talents to Watkins Glen plays into his desire to progress and grow the Trans-Am platform, a series he has called home since his 2013 debut at Sebring.

“It’s been amazing to have seen Trans-Am’s growth over these past five years,” closed Pintaric. “Drivers need to come experience this, experience these cars, experience this competition, we have a good thing going here. And I mean we. Trans-Am isn’t just about the sponsors or ownership, Trans-Am is about the staff, the competitors, the fans, it’s all one family. That’s why I’m proud to be bringing Chris to Watkins Glen, it’s a good thing for Trans-Am, Kryderacing, Tony Ave, and for Chris Dyson. I couldn’t be more excited.”