‘The Last Open Road’ Available As Audiobook


Celebrated author Burt Levy has brought his popular novel, “The Last Open Road,” to life as an audiobook.

Self-published in 1994, “The Last Open Road” has become a cult classic with a wide following, particularly among the sports car racing community. It has led to a series of other books written by Levy, who has raced cars and written about it for 45 years.

The book and the resultant series of novels follows a 19-year-old New Jersey gas station mechanic who gets swept away by the glamorous world of open-road sports car racing during the 1950s.

The audiobook version of this classic is performed in the style of a 1950s radio play, featuring 20 hours of racing and fun. It includes participation of celebrity voices, including David Hobbs, Brian Redman, Skip Barber, Ray Evernham, Tommy Kendall and many others.

The audiobook version of “The Last Open Road” is available in a 20-disc CD set or as a USB flash drive. To order yours, log on to www.lastopenroad.com or call (708)383-7203.