LONDON ­– ­­Panasonic Jaguar Racing unveiled their Jaguar I-TYPE 3 second-generation Formula E race car at the Design Museum in London on Wednesday.

The vehicle’s bold new design pushes the boundaries of innovation and technology, showcasing the future of electric motor racing.

The British team has also confirmed that Brazil’s Nelson Piquet Jr and New Zealander Mitch Evans will return to represent Panasonic Jaguar Racing in season five of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.

Last season, Piquet and Evans contributed to Panasonic Jaguar Racing’s most successful season to date in 2017-18, as they more than quadrupled the team’s points from season three. The competition is set to be higher than before this year, with an eleventh team joining the grid.

This season, Jaguar aims to compete as a front-running team and score regular podiums.

“Having been in the championship since day one, I’ve developed as a driver with the technology and evolution of the formula, and it’s amazing to see how fast things have changed,” said Piquet. “The Jaguar I-TYPE 3 is a new animal, with its own challenges and intricacies. The new chassis is larger and faster than our previous race cars, so it will be very interesting to see how that impacts racing around the tight street circuits.”

“Last season was our best to date and I scored some personal records, including our first podium in Hong Kong and pole position in Zurich,” added Evans. “The team have worked really hard in to make sure the Jaguar I-TYPE 3 will be competitive. We want to be fighting at the front of the grid in every race. We showed signs of this last season and have higher expectations for season five.”

Panasonic Jaguar Racing have developed their entire powertrain in-house, reinforcing the team’s mission – Race to Innovate. The bespoke Jaguar components consist of the motor generator unit (MGU), silicon carbide module invertor, transmission, cooling system, suspension, motor control unit (MCU) and new powertrain control software.

The advanced MGU revs in excess of 30,000 rpm, more than double the rate of a Formula One car, enabling the Jaguar I-TYPE 3 to accelerate from 0-100 kph in 2.8 seconds.

With improved efficiency and comparable weight to the I-TYPE 2, the new powertrain is 25 per cent more efficient and produces up to 250kW (335PS). The Jaguar I-TYPE 3 has in excess of 800 new parts compared to I-TYPE 2.

Over the last two seasons the I-TYPE 2 and I-TYPE 3 combined have had over 1000 new parts, demonstrating the consistent ongoing development programme which is making the team more competitive.

Improved battery technology allows Jaguar, and all other teams in ABB FIA Formula E, to drop the mandatory mid-race car swap. This season Formula E will introduce a hyperboost mode for all teams, which will enable drivers to race for a period of time at a higher power level of 225kW, activated as they drive through a clearly marked activation zone.

When drivers use hyperboost, their LED Halos (a new safety feature mandated by the FIA) will be illuminated in another color for fans and spectators to identify who is using the higher power level.

“Panasonic Jaguar Racing have made great progress during our short time in Formula E. We expect that the introduction of the new Generation 2 Formula E race car and revised sporting regulations will result in a very close season of racing,” said James Barclay, Team Director for Panasonic Jaguar Racing. “It effectively means that all teams started from the same point and at the same time. We believe we are the first team to develop our powertrain entirely in-house, this gives us ultimate control in terms of design and development and hope this will put us at a competitive advantage.

“The technology is moving at an incredibly fast rate, and the new Generation 2 car will be an important test bed to help develop and drive performance of our future battery electric vehicles,” he added. “It’s also fantastic to have Nelson and Mitch on board again and ensure consistency in our driver line-up. The combined knowledge, experience and speed of both drivers will help us achieve our goal to be in the points in every race and fighting for podiums.”