GT Celebration Requiring Maglock Air System

The GT Celebration Race Series will require racers to utilize the Maglock Air System this year.
The GT Celebration Race Series will require racers to utilize the Maglock Air System this year.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – The GT Celebration Race Series, a new 12-event U.S. sports car racing tour, has made the mandatory ruling that all drivers in the six-weekend sports car campaign must utilize the Maglock Air System for the competitors’ racing helmets.

Last month, GT Celebration Race Series announced the new series for Bronze-rated and below sports car drivers as well as retired FIA GT3 race cars. The inaugural GT Celebration Race Series will be competing ats racing facilities throughout portions of North America. Each event will consist of a three-day weekend of racing with two 40-minute sprint races over Saturday and Sunday.

The new Maglock Air driver system was inspired for the dust and heat of off-road racing and is a revolutionary concept for racers to connect to forced air systems into their helmets. With the new invention, rare earth magnets are carefully sourced and machined to create a solid and completely sealed bond between the air hose and helmet.

The power of magnetism fastens Maglock Air’s components with more than 20 pounds of tensile force. Solid enough to endure the roughest rides, the connection can be easily broken by a single and small amount of pressure from any oblique angle, making the Maglock Air the first of many new products to bring quick-release speed and safety to this essential link between driver and vehicle.

Designed for fast driver changes and to break away in the event of a hot extract, Maglock Air has been tested in the toughest environments in open wheel, closed wheel, off-road racing and rally cars. A complete Maglock Air system is easy to install and comes with roof-dock and dust cap. All GT Celebration competitors will receive one free Maglock Air system when they enter an event in 2020.

“Having been a driver in sports cars and truck competition over the years, I felt it is vital to have all drivers utilize the Maglock Air driver system in the GT Celebration Race Series,” said Rob Morgan, GT Celebration CEO & Founder. “The Maglock Air® has proven to be a great asset in off-road racing with the sport’s biggest names using this unique product, and now Maglock is expanding into the sports cars, NASCAR and World Rally cars as well as other racing forms. We believe the safety factor is very important for the drivers.”

“We are excited to have our Maglock Air system as a mandatory item in the new GT Celebration Race Series,” said Ed Jaeger, CEO of Rainmaker Solutions, Inc., producers of Maglock Air and FluidLogic. “After debuting our Maglock Air in Baja for numerous years, the success of the system has moved into a variety of racing forms in recent seasons. We believe this new magnet ‘quick-release’ system is the optimum way for the racers in making quick driver changes and fast extractions from their vehicles. Thank you to Rob and the GT Celebration Race Series for making the Maglock Air mandatory.”