Formula E Introduces Attack Mode

A screenshot of computer-generated imagery showing a visual representation of how attack mode works in practice.

LONDON – The ABB FIA Formula E Championship is introducing a new Attack Mode to help boost overtaking.

Drivers will be able to access attack mode at any time during the race beginning on the second lap, allowing them to chase down their rivals or build a lead to defend position. Attack Mode temporarily boosts power levels from 200kW – in standard race mode – to 225kW for a short period of time.

It’s mandatory for drivers to use Attack Mode during the race, with the precise time period and amount of activations determined by the FIA – with the potential to adjust depending on the track layout and configuration.

In order to initiate Attack Mode, the driver must pass through a defined activation zone placed off the racing line. The driver is required to arm Attack Mode on the steering wheel on the approach to the activation zone and maneuver through three timing sensors to complete the loop and receive instant power.

To help fans follow Attack Mode, the Formula E host broadcast will incorporate virtual reality – with the activation zone rendered on the track as a tied to field graphic.

Drivers will initially lose time – and possibly positions – moving away from the fastest racing line around the track. However, they’ll quickly have the opportunity to make up any lost ground and overtake with an immediate power advantage.

The different power modes will be denoted using florescent LED lights adorning the halo above the driver’s head – another innovation introduced by Formula E in season five for fans to follow the race. When the LED lights glow electric blue the car will be in Attack Mode (225kW), changing to magenta when deploying Fanboost (240kW to 250kW).

Attack Mode is one of several changes ahead of the new season, which includes the introduction of the Gen2 car. The new season begins on Dec. 15 at Saudi Arabi’s Riyadh Street Circuit.

“Formula E broke the mould by being the first to go electric – so it’s clear we aren’t scared of trying new things,” said Alejandro Agag, founder & CEO of Formula E. “Whether that’s introducing new on-track innovations or tweaking the format of the race, or creating new ways for fans to follow or interact with the sport. I’m eager to see the competitive debut of the Gen2 car and Attack Mode in action during a race scenario on the tight and challenging street circuits that’ve come to define our series. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time and this is the year where the ABB FIA Formula E Championship comes of age.”