Driver Survives Violent Crash During Macau GP


MACAU, China – Driver Sophia Floersch suffered a spinal fracture in a violent crash during the annual running of the Macau Grand Prix in China on Sunday.

The incident took place during the Formula 3 portion of the event. Floersch first hit the back of the car driven by Jehan Daruvala, which damaged her car and sent her out of control.

She hit the inside curbing at the turn known as Lisboa and got launched into the car of Sho Tsuboi, which sent her flying through the air through catch fencing at the turn. Her car flew in an area occupied by event marshals and photographers and hit a structure before coming to rest.

The speed trap just prior to the turn show Floersch was traveling in excess of 170 mph prior to the crash.

Floersch took to social media on Sunday afternoon to let fans know that despite spinal injury, she is otherwise fine and will be going into surgery on Monday.

In addition to Floersch, four others were transported to the hospital following the crash. Tsuboi was admitted to the hospital after complaining of back pain, but has since been discharged. Marshal Chan Cha In suffered a laceration to this face, a fractured jaw and an abrasion to the upper abdomen.

Two photographers were also taken to the hospital, with Chand Weng Wang suffering a liver laceration while Hiroyuki Minami was diagnosed with a concussion.