Skeer Dreams Big With Sebring Victory


“I came out of last year with two seconds here. One of them was side-by-side with John [Dean] at the line. I love this place. I love the history of this place, so I came out of here thinking if there was a race I wanted to win, even more than my home race at Coronado, it was Sebring. To come back here again and actually get the win in the second race, it’s just incredible.”

Szymczak had a much different race than which took place on Thursday. Throughout the run, Szymczak was under attack for most of it. He was unable to break away from the field, which had been the case for each of the previous sessions.

“It was really painful to have [Skeer] go to the inside like that and have nothing I could do about it,” Szymczak said. “Today, I wasn’t driving any differently or doing anything differently than yesterday. I thought I was driving just as well. It’s just that circumstances would have it that there was no way I could get away and I had to defend the entire race.”

Dean wrapped up a second podium in the young 2013 season, scoring a third-place finish. He was in contention for most of the race, even having led lap two. Szymczak, however, made it back around Dean to lead all laps up to the last one.

“Christian was really defensive and I was looking to get by wherever I could,” Dean said. “The gap never really opened up for me. Skeer was back there, trying to work with me and push us through. So I let him through on the front straight, hoping that I could work with him and get back to the lead.

“The brakes were so hot in the end that I just didn’t have anything left. So I just had to sit back and watch the race.”

Nathanial Sparks finished round two just off the podium, ending up fourth. Rookie Bryan Hixon finished fifth.