Skeer Dreams Big With Sebring Victory

Elliott Skeer leads John Dean during Friday's SCCA Pro Racing Playboy Mazda MX-5 Cup race at Sebring (Fla.) Int'l Raceway. (Mark Weber/SCCA Photo)
Elliott Skeer leads John Dean during Friday’s SCCA Pro Racing Playboy Mazda MX-5 Cup race at Sebring (Fla.) Int’l Raceway. (Mark Weber/SCCA Photo)

SEBRING, Fla. – Elliott Skeer made a dramatic move in the last turn of Friday afternoon’s race to break the domination of Christian Szymczak, taking round two of the SCCA Pro Racing Playboy Mazda MX-5 Cup at Sebring Int’l Raceway.

Szymczak and John Dean completed the top three.

Skeer had been in third place until he was able to get around Dean on lap 12. Skeer then began working on Szymczak, making his presence known early on by filling the mirrors of the winner of Thursday’s round one race.

“The last lap, I didn’t want to be leading onto the back straight,” Skeer said. “I just went to the inside [in Turn 17] and I hoped he’d leave me a little bit of room and it ended up happening.”

“That was a great maneuver on his part,” Szymczak said. “I was staying to the outside as long as I could and then at the last moment I would go in as soon as they would get close to me. That seemed to be working. It cut off any options they might have. What he did, was he stuck it all the way to the inside. I wanted to keep going to the right, to block him, but I was like ‘penalty.’ I was like ‘no, don’t do that. Just let him go in there.’ It looked for a second like I was going to be able to run the outside of the corner, but he just got to the inside and was able to carry more corner speed and off to the lead he went.”

Skeer won the caution-free 18-lap, 67.32-mile race, averaging 88.852 mph.

“We missed the first three practice sessions early in the week,” Skeer added. “I kind of took a guess at the setup. I actually ended up putting my iRacing setup on the car, hoping it would kind of work. We made one or two changes today and by the time the race came, it was on rails the entire race.