SCCA Northern Conference Dodges Rain


The result was weekend sweeps for Jon Brakke’s E Production No. 89 Margaret Peterson Bars Mazda Miata, Michael Sturm’s F Production No. 48 Sturminator Design/Hoosier Mazda Miata, and Lawrence Loshak’s H Production No. 1 ETE Reman/HYPERformance Honda CRX, all by more than 16 seconds.

Group 4: Once again, the Spec Miata race was a two car battle that took the full 13 laps to sort out. Both Tom Brown and Justin Elder tried to hang with the No. 80 Cahall/Driving Coach/Hawk Mazda Miata of Todd Lamb and the No. 41 Advanced Autosports Miata of Voytek Burdzy, but the two front runners found themselves alone by mid race.

The two worked in tandem until the start of lap 11, when Burdzy pulled out of line and the pair crossed the start/finish stripe side by side. Burdzy held the lead, with Lamb tucked in close, for laps 11 and 12.

Ripping up the front straight to start the final lap, Burdzy moved inside while Lamb tried to use the fast line to the outside of the righthander. Burdzy held him off there, and again through five, a traditional passing zone. Lamb held his position until Canada Corner, where he went deep on the brakes and carried a wide line through that tight right hander.

Going through the final corner, Burdzy again took away the inside and forced Lamb to run hard wide to the outside to set up the final drag race to the checkered flag. Burdzy crossed just a half car length in front of Lamb to take the win.

Justin Elder (No. 19 SunDrop Citrus Soda Miata), Tom Brown (No. 27 Advanced Autosports Miata) and Ted Cahall (No. 81 Hawk Mazda Miata) completed the top five.

Group 5: The Spec Racer Ford race took shape when a two car incident brought out a full course caution on lap six, and a lap nine restart with the field bunched in a four-lap sprint to the finish.

With two laps to go, the top five were in a line behind teammates Kelly Toombs and Chris Funk in the No. 36 KC Racing Spec Racer Ford and No. 54 KC Racing SRF, respectively. Jeff Beck, who started 12th in the No. 31 Lindell/Ryan SRF, Robert Mumm (No. 11 Auto Stuff Fuel Injector Service SRF), and Rick Bartuska (No. 15 M/K Industries/Mundelien SRF) followed close behind.

Toombs, for all practical purposes, won the race with two laps to go. Despite the deep field behind him, Toombs opened up a lead of more than five car lengths to start the final lap. With a scrum for position behind him, he crossed the finish line 1.120-second up on Funk. Beck joined the KC Racing teammates on the podium.

Group 6: Everything went into the blender on lap two of the big bore group, when the skies opened up just as the race was settling in.

Some, like Tim Gray’s No. 60 Ryan Companies US Chevrolet Camaro or Tom Patton’s No. 50 Red Line Oil/Hoosier Tire Sunbeam Tiger tried to come to pit lane for rain tires, but without a real pit crew, ended up several laps down. Others, like eventual GT-1 winner Dave Ruehlow’s No. 31 Ruehlow Racing Chevrolet Corvette, sucked it up and continued as their lap times fell by more than a minute per lap. Ruehlow actually pulled to pit lane at the end of lap nine because his windshield was fogged, and ended his day early as the last GT-1 machine still braving the elements.

As the race shook out, Fall-Line teammates Matt Slavens and Gregory Schermer, both in Touring 2 cars, found themselves in the overall lead and battling. Schermer’s No. 149 Fall-Line Motorsports/Posh Racing Porsche GT3 closed the gap from over 35 seconds to less than five with just a handful of laps to go, but Slavens immediately lowered his lap time by nine seconds in the No. 34 Fall-Line Porsche GT3 to pull the rug out from under Schermer’s comeback hopes, and the pair finished first and second.

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