Rayhall Reigns Over Prototype Lites Parade


Booth dropped back to ninth overall after the incident on lap 11, but slowly picked his way back up the pack to finish third overall. The Performance Tech driver now moves up to second in the L1 point standings and was appreciative of his crew’s efforts following the race.

“I led for a while, then me and Sean (Rayhall) just got together after that, so I just tried to keep my head down and ended up on the podium,” Booth said. “I’m looking forward to next race and I just can’t thank enough Performance Tech enough. We had a problem in qualifying and they worked their butts off to fix it. Kenny, Shane, Jonathan George Racing Development, my coach and just everyone on the team did a great job.”

Booth’s Performance Tech teammate Daniel Goldburg steadily moved up from fourth position to third by Lap 11 and second by lap 14, where he held his position until the end. Goldburg remains a steady contender for the championship as fourth overall in the L1 and overall standings.

Jon Brownson was as high as second overall during the race in the No. 34 entry for Eurosport Racing, but settled for fourth overall, but first in the L1 Masters Championship after Ryan Booth made a late pass to claim third place on the podium.