Rain Can’t Stop SCCA Western Conference


In the Big Bore race group for GT1, GT2, GT3, T1 and T2, Erich Joiner claimed the lead early, followed by the GT1 machine of Jason Fiorito. Michael Von Quilich earned the win in T1, followed by Pratt Cole in T2, and Dave Humphrey in GT3.

“The first half of the race I had a lot of pressure from Jason Fiorito in the GT1 car, and from Ken Muth in his GT2 car, so I was keeping an eye on my mirrors. I haven’t raced this track in 12 years, and it’s kind of a tricky little track. It gets narrower every lap,” Joiner said.

In the C Sports Racing, Formula Atlantic, Formula Mazda and Sports 2000 race, Miles Jackson drove his Stohr JFC CSR to the overall victory, followed by Snake Livernash in his Swift 008 Formula Atlantic. Mel Kemper claimed the Formula Mazda honors, and Mark Schue of Hillsboro, Oregon drove his Swift DB5 to victory in Sports 2000.

Runoffs veteran Ken Shreve drove his well-developed E Production Mazda RX7 to an easy class win in Group 7. He was followed by Jess Heitman in an F Production Mazda Miata for most of the race, but a bold late move put Heitman into the overall lead. Scotty B. White finished third overall and first in Touring 3.

Oscar Jackson Jr. won the STL class in his Honda Civic. Lans Stout won the GTL class. Mike Cummings ran unopposed in his H Production Austin-Healey Sprite. Marc Hoover took home the STU win.

For the final race of the day, Formula F and Formula Vee went out with plenty of daylight left. Stan Townes grabbed the early lead in FF, with Larry Bangert right behind. Robert Posner led the first lap in FV, but fell back on the second. Robert Neumeister took over the FV lead, followed by Dennis Andrade and Quinn Posner.

On the third lap Terran Swanson took over the FV class as the Vees formed their usual train. Dennis Andrade moved up to the lead at the halfway point and traded the lead with Neumeister several times, with Quinn Posner switching between second and third place. Meanwhile, Swanson worked his way back up through the field. When the checker fell, it was Andrade, Swanson, Posner, and Neumeister nose to tail. Townes maintained his lead on Bangert all the way to the final checker of the day.