Monger Seriously Injured At Donington Park

Billy Monger

Seventeen-year-old British driver Billy Monger had both of his legs amputated following a crash during a Formula 4 race Sunday at England’s Donington Park road course.

Monger reportedly ran into the back of a car that had stopped in front of him on the track. He was extracated from the car and flown to a local hospital where he was treated, including the amputation of both legs.

JHR Developments, which  fields the car Monger was driving has set up a JustGiving page to raise money for the driver with hopes of raising 260,000 Euros.

“Thousands of people have already watched the haunting footage of the crash which left Billy fighting for his life,” said a statement, which was signed by Steven Hunter, JHR Developments and the Monger family. “Sadly, Billy has had amputations to both legs.

“We now need your kindness and support to help give Billy and his family the best chance to fight these injuries that will affect Billy’s life so massively.”