Moss Honored At Lime Rock

Stirling Moss
Stirling Moss

LAKEVILLE, Conn. — Sir Stirling Moss was the Honored Guest at Lime Rock Park’s 30th Historic Festival during the Labor Day weekend.

On Saturday Sir Stirling held a too-brief press conference, where he talked about his favorite win (1961 Monaco Grand Prix), cars he loved (the Mercedes 300 CSR), cars he hated (the Lotus 11, “the wheels fell off!”), and cars that scared him (the BRM). He also said he doesn’t have a “daily driver” (“I drive a scooter!”), and feels that much of the danger has been removed from racing, which was part of what he liked about it. Moss also opined that while Juan Manual Fangio (often a teammate, as well as a rival) was a great driver, he puts Ayrton Senna at the top of the list.

Sir Stirling Moss is at the top of many people’s list, and the deeper you go into his career and his accomplishments, the more admirable he becomes.