Formula DRIFT Creates New Series


LONG BEACH, Calif. — Following the recent announcement of the merger between Formula DRIFT USA and Asia operations, Formula DRIFT has announced a world championship series slated for 2015.

Formula DRIFT will begin to operate a world championship that will be integration of the Formula DRIFT USA and Formula DRIFT Asia operations. Current Formula DRIFT USA and Formula DRIFT Asia Pro Championships will continue to run as is with the world championship as the over arching pinnacle.

“This move is inevitable. With two firmly established operational series on at least threecontinents, it makes sense to link them together. Drifting is a global sport and we believe we are the global leader in the Sport. The gold standard in international motorsports is that when a championship series is able to be held on three continents, it can then be classified as a world championship, otherwise the moniker would not have real meaning,” said Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT. “

We’ve also given ourselves plenty of time to plan and build this out so that our methodical planning can be integrated into the world championship in a productive and meaningful way. Our focus has always been one that targets longevity and sustainability.”

Starting in 2014, Formula DRIFT will merge its USA and Asia operations with a global headquarters in Long Beach, Calif., and a regional office in Singapore.

In 2015, Formula DRIFT will consider some or all of the events on the Formula DRIFT USA and Formula DRIFT Asia calendar as well as possible new host venues into a points championship that will include events on at least three continents.