Farrell Sweeps Up In D Sports Racing


“It was largely uneventful, other than when Brian Hall spun in front of me,” Locke said of his race. “I had a lot of difficulty getting heat in the tires. I had the same set of tires to last the whole week. I scrubbed those Monday morning, and made them last until today. I think one of the downsides was that they were pretty tired by the race, sliding a lot in the early laps. Brian managed to get by me in (turns) five and six, and then spun in front of me; I had to get on the brakes in order to keep from T-boning him. After that, I just kind of put my head down and tried to get back in the rhythm and run consistent laps and keep an eye in the mirrors, looking for the CSRs coming from behind.”


Bootz got the good fortune to start from pole in the No. 36 Hoosier/Havoc Motorsports/Bootz Industries Stohr WF1. Shortly after the green flag dropped, Bootz darted into the lead in Turn 1 and led the first lap. But, on the second lap, Bootz hit the Turn 6 rumble strips damaging some bodywork that hit the kill switch on his machine. He coasted to a stop off driver’s left at turn nine.

“Well, our polesitter decided he didn’t want the inside of the track apparently,” Bootz said of his race start. “I’m not sure what that was all about, but that’s fine. We got a good start. He pulled out a little bit, and I pulled out a little bit, and was able to get out in front. It was going pretty until we got to turn six. We hit some rumble strips and the bodywork came up and hit the kill switch, so it shut off.

“Oddly, I figured that’s what that was; otherwise, something else would have broken. So then, I had to think about where there might be somebody that could turn it back on for me. Having gone off a lot here, I went to turn nine. It worked; the guy ran out and understood what I was yelling, and turned it back on for me.”

By then, Bootz had dropped from first to sixth before he got his No. 36 machine restarted. Bootz put down some consistently fast laps, including the Hawk Performance Hot Lap of 2:04.697 (115.480 mph), to be back in contention for the final podium spot by lap five. Unfortunately, he was too far behind Farrell and Locke to contend for a higher finish.

“Well, it wasn’t much of a race; I caught a couple of guys and got around them,” Bootz said. “I just got some good laps and tried to stay consistent. I didn’t really know where I was, because I didn’t count how many guys I passed. And then, the CSRs were coming up, and I didn’t want to get in their way, so I was watching my mirrors and trying to get some halfway decent laps, trying to get into position. Finally, the crew did tell me I was in position three. It worked out in the end.”

Jim Hallman finished fourth in the No. 64 Stohr WF1 Suzuki. Brian Hall finished fifth in the No. 69 Audi Hoffman Estates/Hoosier Stohr WF1.

1, (1), Chris Farrell, Salt Lake City, UT, Stohr WF1, 12.

2, (3), David Locke, Lafayette, IN, Stohr WF1 Suzuki, 12.

3, (2), Tom Bootz, Evansville, IN, Stohr WF1, 12.

4, (5), Jim Hallman, Kitchener, ON, Stohr WF1 Suzuki, 12.

5, (4), Brian Hall, Spring Grove, IL, Stohr WF1, 12.

6, (9), Doug Piner, Chapel Hill, NC, Dauntless MX-1 Suzuki, 11.

7, (7), Michael Reupert, Hubertus, WI, NosTendo 1, 10.

DNF, (11), Garrett Kletjian, Hingham, MA, Stohr WF1 Suzuki, 3.

DNF, (6), Richard Colburn, Northbrook, IL, NosTendo 2 Suzuki, 0.

DNS, (8), Jim Vogel, Middleton, WI, Stohr WF1 Suzuki, .

DNS, (10), Brandon Dixon, Tuscaloosa, AL, Stohr WF1 Suzuki, .