Bovis Nips Lentz In Runoffs Thriller


“He just got a great run, a great run on me, coming out of Canada [Corner],” Lentz said. “We went through Billy Mitchell Corner side-by-side. I got back over on the outside, and it was just a drag race up the hill to the finish line.

“I was hoping I was going to win. I could see him creeping, creeping, creeping. Frankly, all I thought was, here we go again. It was exactly what happened to me last year. I just got out-motored up the hill.

“Frankly, it’s just impossible for it to sink in that it’s happened to me two years in a row. In a million years, I would have never guessed that I would have the first and second closest finishes, and to be second in both of them two years in a row. My thought after qualifying was, if I could be heads down and run my race, I should be able to win this thing.”

Sargis, a seven-time Runoffs Champion, started 12th in the No. 8 SBS Batteries/Hoosier Tire Triumph Spitfire and moved up into the top five by lap three. By lap five, he was in fourth – a position he held until the final lap when he passed Prather in Canada Corner for the final podium spot. Sargis now has 16-career Runoffs podiums.

“My plan was just to be cautious,” Sargis said. “I didn’t think I had a chance to win, and I wasn’t sure how the car was going to run. It seemed to run good today. When I got around a bunch of guys and I got around (Peter) Shadowen, I was like, oh, it can’t be too bad, because I know he is one of the top guys.

“Then the yellow came out, and I was like, uhhh. On the restart, Bobby Clark flew in front of me and got sideways in (turn) one and kind of killed all of my momentum. So it took pretty much the rest of the race to catch Kent [Prather] again. I don’t know if he was having handling problems or was protecting his line too much, but he ended up going into Canada [Corner]. I took the normal line and took a good, sweeping turn. He was drifting wide through there anyway, and with the inside line, he really got wide. I got underneath him in Billy Mitchell Corner, and I think he went off in the last corner. I’m happy; it was fun.”

Bob Clark finished fourth in the No. 77 JDM Group/Raglin Racing Honda CRX. Charles Leonard finished fifth in the No. 14 JB Racing/Hoosier Tire Nissan 200SX SE-R.


1, (5), Christopher Bovis, Lawrence, KS, Honda CRX, 13.

2, (1), Robert Lentz, Chantilly, VA, Nissan Sentra SER, 13.

3, (12), Steve Sargis, Frankfort, IL, Triumph Spitfire, 13.

4, (2), Bob Clark, Glendale, WI, Honda CRX, 13.

5, (10), Charles Leonard, Palmetto, FL, Nissan 200SX SE-R, 13.

6, (6), Kyle Disque, Philadelphia, PA, Toyota Tercel, 13.

7, (8), Brian Downey, Bristow, VA, Nissan 200SX SE-R, 13.

8, (16), Lans Stout, Cornelius, OR, Nissan Sentra, 13.

9, (9), Peter Zekert, Maryland Heights, MO, Nissan 200SX SE-R, 13.

10, (7), Jonathan Goodale, Conifer, CO, Mazda MX-5, 13.

11, (4), Kent Prather, Wakarusa, KS, Mazda Miata, 13.

12, (11), Daniel Meller, Milwaukee, WI, Toyota Tercel, 13.

13, (13), James Hargrove, Surrey, BC, Honda Civic, 13.

14, (15), Roy Lopshire Jr, Blue Springs, MO, Toyota Tercel, 13.

15, (18), Bryan Floyd, Clarion, PA, Nissan 200SX, 13.

16, (19), Robert Bax, Cincinnati, OH, Nissan Sentra, 13.

17, (14), Noel Hayward, Vallejo, CA, MG Midget, 9.

DNF, (3), Peter Shadowen, West Palm Beach, FL, Honda CRX, 3.

DNF, (17), Jamie Houseman, London, ON, Honda CRX, 3.

DNF, (20), Greg Socha, Richland, MI, Toyota Celica, 3.