Skagit’s 360 Nationals Get Name Change


ALGER, Wash. – One of the best sprint car races on the west coast has been ‘The Bob’s Burgers & Brew 360 Nationals’ held each year at the end of July at Skagit Speedway.

The tradition will continue with a slight twist, or we should say a slight name change. Starting in 2013 the popular event will be named ‘The Bob’s Burgers & Brew Summer Nationals’.

“The use of ‘360’ in the name seemed to dilute the magnificence of the event,” said promoter Steve Beitler, “Some people think because it’s a ‘360’ show it’s not as good as events that feature 410 sprint cars. Honestly I can say the main event the past couple years have been some of the best racing we’ve had at Skagit Speedway. It’s in the middle of the summer and made sense so the change was made”.

“I like the new name of the event,” said Bob’s Burgers & Brew co-owner Mike Duffy, “The fans and racers from Skagit Speedway really support all our locations and we enjoy being a part of this great event”.

This year’s Bob’s Burgers & Brew Summer Nationals will be held July 26-27.