Madera Speedway Gets LoanMart Support


MADERA, Calif. — Management at the Madera Speedway announced LoanMart as a sponsor of the Madera Speedway for the 2013 season.

This week an agreement was completed and LoanMart became the premier marketing partner of the Madera Speedway.

Fans will see the LoanMart logo in victory lane, on billboards at each end of the track, on the pace car, safety trucks, at the ticket booth, in the grandstands and all over the LoanMart Late Model Series. Fans will also see the LoanMart logo right beside the Madera Speedway logo where ever it shows up in 2013.

Loan Mart will become the title sponsor for year number two of the popular open late model series at the Madera Speedway. It will be called the LoanMart Open Late Models Series and is growing from six races to an eight-race, once-a-month schedule. The bonus money will increase for this series thanks to LoanMart, Hoosier Racing Tires, and a soon to be announced adult beverage company.