Carpenter Builds Skagit Resume


ALGER, Wash. — Kelsey Carpenter topped the 360 sprint car race that headlined Saturday night’s racing card at Skagit Speedway.

Carpenter found himself in perfect position when race long leader Mack Brown and second-place Brock Lemley tangled in heavy traffic coming out of turn two on what should have been the final lap.

Both cars went for the same piece of real estate when a lapped car halted forward progress crashing both cars. The lap prior Lemley had passed Brown in what looked to be heavy Seattle drivetime traffic at the north end of the race track only to have Brown return the favor and gather back the front spot at the south end. Carpenter who had been running third inherited the lead and held of Kenny Rutz and Colton Heath for the win

Cory Swatzina won the sportsman sprint feature and Brandon Berg topped the outlaw hornet race.