Becker Steals Placerville Win From Kofoid

Sean Becker in victory lane at Placerville Speedway. (Joe Shivak Photo)

PLACERVILLE, Calif. – Sean Becker didn’t expect to be in victory lane at the end of 25 laps of racing in the 360 division Saturday at Placerville Speedway, admitting the victory belonged to Buddy Kofoid instead.

Kofoid, after leading the entire way, got bogged down in lapped traffic on the final lap, allowing Becker to skirt to the outside and make the winning pass.

C.J. Humphreys did a 360 degree spin in the first turn, blocking the low groove where Kodoid had been running the entire race. The slow down and ultimate jam up allowed Becker to not only catch the 15-year-old sensation, but also pass him on the outside where Becker had ran most of the race. A disappointed Kofoid had to settle for second while Shane Golobic took home third.

The feature race was stopped twice by the red flag. The first red light came on the opening lap when Jimmy Trulli did a violent flip off the first turn banking. He was able to walk back to the pit area while his damaged No. 33T went back on a wrecker. The second red flag was for a less serious flip in the same turn by Justin Johnson, who tipped over after catching a wheel in a log jam wreck after D.J. Freitas did a spin and go. Johnson was uninjured, but his race was over.

The race was slowed for the final time on lap 13 when Jake Morgan slowed and stopped at the top of the track in the first turn. The remaining laps provided some great dicing between leader Kofoid, Becker and Golobic. Kofoid’s low line around the track kept him ahead of the rim riding Becker until the final lap.

Golobic paced the 27 cars in the pits in qualifying when he turned a lap of 11.058 seconds. Heats were won by Steven Tiner, Marcus Dumesny, Chase Majdic and Ryan Robinson.  Freitas won the B-Main.

The finish:

Sean Becker, Buddy Kofoid, Shane Golobic, Steven Tiner, Marcus Dumesny, Ryan Robinson, Chase Majdic, Kalib Henry, Greg DeCaires, Tanner Carrick, Tony Gualda, Kyle Offill, C.J. Humphreys, Colby Johnson, Kirt Organ, Jake Morgan, Justin Johnson, Jimmy Trulli.