Bailey Sucich Shines In Skagit Finale


ALGER, Wash. – Bailey Sucich earned her first Budweiser 360 Sprint Car victory in the season finale Thursday at Skagit Speedway, besting Jason Solwold in the run to the checkered flag to earn the $2,600 prize.

Corbyn Fauver took the early advantage in the 25-lap Budweiser 360 Sprint feature, with Sucich never too far off. As Fauver approached the tail end of the field, Sucich was right there to pressure him, forcing Corbyn to move around and search for a clean line through traffic.

With a fast racing surface, the tail end of the field was difficult to navigate, with lap times only falling off a little through the full field of cars. Fauver would try to sneak around the high side of turns one and two, and that’s where Bailey pounced, moving inside of Fauver to take the top spot on the completion of lap 13, bringing Trey Starks with her.

Entering turn one, Starks and Fauver made contact, sending both spinning and bringing out the only yellow flag of the main. Bailey now had Solwold and Chance Crum stacked up behind her for the restart, where she began building up her lead in clean air.

Slower traffic loomed in the form of Michael Millard around lap 20, and while Sucich moved around to try and find a way past Millard, Solwold found rhythm down low, sneaking past Bailey for the lead on lap 22.

Sucich rebounded by making a strong move on the high side of turns one and two on lap 23, passing Solwold and lapping Millard in the process. Sucich held on from there to earn the victory, with Solwold second and Crum third.

Chase Goetz claimed the track championship.

Similar to their heat race earlier in the night, Mike Steltz and Paul Rea battled in the 25-lap Skagit Aggregates Modified main event. Rea led lap one before Steltz got him for the lead on lap two and led a huge chunk of the race with Rea no further than half a car length back.

On lap 22, Steltz took a wide entry into turn one which let Rea make a strong bid to the inside of him. As the pair raced down the back stretch, Rea took the top spot for good and in his first Skagit appearance, secured the win. Scott Miller snuck by Steltz late for second place.

Adam Holtrop completed a childhood dream in the main event, as his fifth place effort was strong enough to secure him the track championship over Craig Moore and Ben Gunderson.

The Outlaw Tuner championship was decided coming into the night, with Rick Young merely needing to show up to secure the title. With the title in hand, Young did his best to try and cap the year off with a win, but would settle for second behind Clint Meins, who was too strong on the night in getting his only victory of the year.