VanPay Rockets To First 141 Win


MARIBEL, Wis. – VanPay is a name that has numerous feature wins and is name that is highly regarded in the area racing family. A new VanPay put his own tally in the win column after the IMCA Sportmod Feature on Saturday night, as Race VanPay joined the ranks of feature winners earning his first career win in a highly contested race.

Feature winners from the other divisions were: Shawn Kilgore(IMCA Modifieds) Devin Snellenberger(IMCA Stockcars) Dave Gauger(Grand Nationals) Mike Conard(Street Stocks) and Mike Montie(IMCA Sport Compacts).

Jay Matthias ran up front for the opening two laps of the IMCA Modified Feature. The only stand still of the race came on the opening lap. Sean Jerovetz worked from his second starting row spot into the lead on lap three and widened the gap on the field. Last week’s winner, Shawn Kilgore started 10th and quickly ran his modified where the others weren’t. Kilgore ran up top along the concrete and knocked off cars in the process. It took him four laps to pass the top three and gain the lead. First was Eric Scribner and Jay Matthias. The pass on Matthias put Kilgore mere inches from contact with either his fellow racer or wall.

The next lap, Jerovetz was the target. With the same move to get around the leader Kilgore pulled the field over the final nine laps to win his second straight Main Event. Jerovetz finished second with Scribner beating Johnny Whitman to the line for third. Eric Mahlik finished fifth.

This week’s IMCA Stockcar Feature winner finished with four wheels on the ground instead of on his roof like last week. Devin Snellenberger shrugged off last week’s finish with a dominating performance in picking up the feature win.

Snellenberger started fifth and grabbed the lead on lap two from Jerry Leary. The caution free race saw Snellenberger go unchallenged with the battle being for second between Brett Wenzel and John Heinz. The duo duked it out over the last half of the race with Wenzel coming out in the second spot. Kyle Resch ran to a career best fourth place finish on the night. Brett Koehler finished fifth after starting the race in 19th.

All 20 laps of the IMCA Sportmod Feature belonged to Race VanPay. He had his share of challengers along the way but he beat them off like Rocky. VanPay’s first challenger was Hunter Parson’s which lasted the majority of the race. VanPay would find himself coming out of his groove a bit with Parson’s always right there but racing the leader clean. There were plenty of opportunities for Parson’s to use the front bumper and move into the lead when VanPay showed the opening going into the corners.

Greg Potts entered the discussion late in the race as he powered on top of the track. Potts couldn’t find enough bite to make the pass until he caught a break on lap 17, when the caution flew. A three lap dash was the final test that VanPay would pass. He stayed true to his line and picked up his first career feature win. Parsons beat Potts to the line for second. Point leader Travis Arenz finished fourth ahead of Ryan Lemieux.