Two In A Row For Mark Dobmeier


In the first 360 feature, Dylan Peterson tipped over in turn one before a lap could be completed. He was uninjured and returned for the second main event. Nate Van Haaften shot out to an early lead ahead of Jamie Ball and Joe Beaver. He maintained his advantage, while Beaver shot around Ball for second on lap eight.

The best racing was for the fifth spot, as Jon Agan and Clint Garner traded the spot several times at the midway point. Robby Wolfgang, making his first Knoxville appearance of the season, used the low side to move by Ball into third with four laps to go.

The only caution of the race came out for a spinning Agan. The caution negated a pass for the lead that Beaver had made. Van Haaften learned from the incident and went on to win his fourth career feature here. Beaver was second ahead of Wolfgang, Garner and Ball. Matt Moro, Johnny Herrera, Jason Johnson, Russ Hall and Don Droud Jr. completed the top ten.

“I thought it was over,” said Van Haaften of getting passed by Beaver before the caution came out. “Normally, I hate those things (yellows), but it worked out for me. It gave me a chance to think about things, and I got the car tightened up a bit. I was able to hit my marks and not mess up again.”

Twenty cars finished on the lead lap, so the invert put the winner of the first feature in row 10 for the second. Agan led Randy Martin and Dustin Selvage early on. Meanwhile, Russ Hall found himself moving up to fourth by lap six. Selvage closed on the lead pair, and in one lap passed Martin and then Agan for the lead on lap eight.

When Josh Higday came to a stop on lap ten, Selvage led Agan, Martin, Hall and Droud back to green. Martin shot to second on the restart, and Droud followed him into third. With twelve laps in, Jake Martens flipped hard in turn three, bringing out the red. He was uninjured. Peterson and Jason Johnson visited the work area at the time.

Selvage appeared to by coasting to the win on the white flag lap, when Matt Covington lost his right front wheel. That bunched things up, and Martin shot around Selvage for the lead on the green, white, checker finish. Unfortunately, for Martin, another caution came out on the white flag lap when Peterson and Tom Lenz tangled.

Under caution, Martin’s right rear tire went flat, handing the lead back to Selvage. He would go on to victory ahead of Droud, Garner, Agan and Beaver.

“I thought I was driving as hard as I could to stick the bottom,” said Selvage. “I was just driving a little deeper in the corner and it worked for us. It’s too bad for Randy Martin. He got me on that restart, and it was probably his race to win, but I’m not going to complain. We’ll take them any way we can get them.”