Thompson Aces Rice Lake Pure Stock Show


Bob Wahlstrom and Andy Cimfl shared the front row and they along with Heidi Karshbaum and Ashley Wahlstrom battled in the early going. Ashley found an opening and moved into the lead with Adam Soltis tearing up from the third row to challenge quickly. Soltis tried to move into the lead in turn four but got run up the track and Fankhauser, who has started one row further back, used the opportunity to drive into second.

When Wahlstrom slid up the track in turn one, Sam dived to the low side and took over the lead. Then things got interesting as Fankhauser and Wahlstrom got together in turn three with Sam being turned around in front of the entire field. The “big one” was avoided though, and Fankhauser was restored to the top spot for the restart.

Sam then pulled away from the field as Soltis tried to track him down. Cody Kummer and Ron Hanestad has a good battle for third as they swapped the position back and forth before Kummer settled down with it.

Fankhauser was just too strong for the field Saturday, and despite the best efforts of Soltis, he was not able to cut into the advantage and had to settle for second. Cooper Berlin, in only his second time behind the wheel of a Street Stock, was able to record a solid top five finish.

With only one yellow flag to slow the action in the Super Stock feature, Forehand was able to take an early lead and build on it and then at the end fight off a late race challenge from Shane Kisling and Dan Gullikson for the win.

Forehand started on the top side of row one and pulled to the early lead as Bart Steffen and Aaron Wilson battled for second. Kisling soon joined in to challenge with Gullikson gradually working his way up after starting in row four.

Forehand had nearly a straightway lead on the field when Kisling broke free into second and Shane then set to run down Forehand. Gullikson broke free next and he also set off after the leader. Gullikson moved to the inside of Kisling and then battled for second while both closed on the leader.

As the laps ran down, the battling duo closed to within a couple of car lengths but Forehand refused to make a mistake as he maintained his line and held on for the win, despite the fact that Kisling closed to his rear bumper on the final corner. Gullikson made a last ditch attempt to get past Kisling but settled for third with Wilson and Eric Olson completing the top five.

Mark Hanson and Paul Brust battled for the early lead in the Modified main event. Adams started in row two and he was able to slide between those two cars as the field raced into turn three and he beat Hanson out of the corner to take the lead.

Adams then opened up a slight advantage as the battle for second now raged. Cory Mahder, after starting sixth was on the move and he was able to get past Hanson and then Mark Hessler to take over second and he then set off after Adams. Meanwhile, Dave Cain was also working his way into contention after starting in the fourth row.

Mahder cut into Adams lead, being especially efficient in turn three where he was able to drive deep into the corner and cut the distance between the leaders. As Cain moved into third, Mahder took a couple shots diving inside Adams, but Kevin was able to beat him out of the corner and hold on.

Two late yellow flags gave both Mahder and Cain shots at the leader but each time Adams was up to the challenge as he held them off. Near the end, Cain tried hard to get under Mahder for second and this actually gave Adams an advantage to pull away by a couple of car lengths. The top three finished in that order with Hessler recording another solid finish in fourth while Hanson took his first top five of the year, holding off Brust.

Earlier in the evening, the awards for the best appearing car in each class were awarded based on voting on opening night. The winners were Pat Hoffman (Modified), Andy Grymala (Super Stock), Heidi Karshbaum and Sam Fankhauser (Street Stock tie), Joe Chaplin Jr. (Midwest Modified) and Hunter VanGilder (Pure Stock).