Taylor Tops Port Royal Dream Race


The red flag then appeared on the seventh tour when Davey Sammons crashed in the third turn, collecting Logan Wagner.

The restart had Taylor leading over Rahmer, third starter Layton, Lance Dewease and Doug Esh.

As Taylor bit fast and drove away when action resumed Layton went to work on Rahmer and muscled by for second with 20 laps to go before a caution flag slowed the pace on the 12th tour.

Laps 13 through 27 then went non stop and as the race moved into lapped traffic Layton began significantly closing the gap on Taylor and drew to within a car length as Taylor moved low in an effort to bypass slower cars.

And in fact, Layton all but had the move made in heavy traffic, having already moved to Taylor’s outside at another point when suddenly a final caution halted the break-neck pace that was being set on the lightning-fast and smooth oval with three laps to go.

That occurrence cleared the track for Taylor, which played to any leader’s advantage, and Taylor took the stroke of luck all the way to the bank for the checkers ahead of Layton by .898 seconds.

Layton also won his semi-main qualifying feature earlier in the night, making his total take on the night $7,280 including lap money.

Rahmer ended the feature in third, 1.631 seconds behind Taylor with $2,760 for his combined semi and A Main event efforts.

Brian Leppo, who was awarded one of the Packer’s Concessions fast time awards as the quickest timer in the even-numbered qualifiers semi main, finished fourth in the Dream feature and took home a total of $2,800.

Defending Dream winner Blane Heimbach started 10th in the feature and drove to fifth at the finish, pocketing $2,000 total.

Brian Montieth rode home sixth with $2,000 in his pocket followed by semi main winner Doug Esh in seventh who garnered a total of $3,620 on the night including lap money.

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