Stone Pockets $4,044 For Hesston Score


Defending track champion Tim Smith Jr. then took control and lead laps nine to 19 before pitting with mechanical problems. This put Dixon in the lead for the first time in the race. But on a double file restart on lap 21, 11th starting Kyle Lee shot into the lead. Another double file restart on lap 23 found Dixon returning the favor and he lead the remaining laps for the $800 win.

Curtis Heath turned in another strong performance to finish second, with Black roaring back from the rear of the field to finish third. Lee finished fourth, while Joey Valenti claimed a $400 bounty bonus by being the first driver with a crate motor car to finish in the top 5 in a Semi-Late feature. 15th starting Eric Irvin, 14th starting Derek Rodkey, Mike Duck, Bill Davis and Travis Cottle rounded out the top ten. Heat race wins for the 24 car field went to Black, Dunkel and Valenti.

Mike Desch and Bill Henney advance from 10th and ninth in the field to finish first and second in the $500 to win, 22 lap A-Cade championship. Ryan Sager finished third, with 12th starting Tim Krape in fourth. Boyd Brode finished fifth and lead the initial four laps before Desch took control. Wayne Hawbaker, Danny Farling, Dave Swanger, Taylor Farling and Rich Swope rounded out the top ten.

Terry Norris came out the winner of the 18-lap Hobby-Modified championship. Carl Snare lead the first lap with T. Norris leading laps two to seven. Previous two-time feature winner Rick Potter then took the lead after coming from his required 12th starting position. On lap 12, Potter slowed slightly on the back straight allowing T. Norris to race underneath him.

Going into the third turn, the two made side by side contact resulting in Potter spinning. Norris then lead the remaining laps to capture the $300 win. Snare, Brad Nesline, 11th starting Ed Vogel and Hunter McCracken rounded out the top five with Davey Lambert, Ryan Claycomb, Justin Queen, Brad Feight, and Derek Graybill following.

Eric Boozel won his second consecutive Roadrunner feature from his required 10th starting position. Brandon Conrad lead the first two laps with Tyler Laughard leading the third. Boozel wasted on time in getting to the front as he took over the lead on lap four and lead the remaining laps of the 14 lap, $200 to win championship.

Cale Martin advance from 14th to finish second with Laughard, Adam Pletcher and Contrad rounding out the top five. EJ Johnson, Gary Watkings, Kyle Beckett, Jordan, Helsel and Kolton Wagner rounded out the top ten.