Spencer Speedway Feature Ends In A Tie


WILLIAMSON, N.Y. – The first NASCAR Sunoco Modified 20-lapper on Friday at Spencer Speedway saw Andy Lewis take his first win of the season. It was the second feature that created all of the excitement.

Kevin Timmerman was holding the outside line exiting the fourth turn and Tommy Catalano was on his left, in the low line. As they came to the finish line in the second NASCAR Sunoco Modified feature of the night it was just too close to call and the track officials declared the race a dead heat.

“Tommy seemed to be getting tight,” commented Timmerman in victory lane. Tommy confirmed that fact saying,” I knew it would be close at the line.” Both Timmerman and Catalano shook hands in the end and accepted the tie, believed to be the first in Spencer Speedway track history.

The end is not completely over as the speedway will be performing a tire test on many of the modified teams. Results of those tests will not be finalized until next week.

In the Super Six division Josh Schoonmaker won by half a car length over Shaun Frarey, making for another close finish on the night.

The Auto Value Four Cylinder Scorpions saw Timmy Catalano stretch his season long winning stretch to five straight wins.

The first Modified race of the evening saw Bobby Lippa Jr. take the lead at the drop of the green. He would hold the lead until lap 12, when Andy Lewis came off the fourth turn and ducked beneath Lippa for the lead. One lap later the yellow flew for a spin off the track in turn four by Eddie Hawkins.

The restart saw the outside line bog down allowing Lewis to remain in the lead, but now Timmerman was on his tail. Running a close third was Tommy Catalano.

At the checkers Lewis took the win followed by Timmerman, Catalano, Lippa and Amy Catalano.

The top six redrew for starting positions in the second 20-lapper, with Tommy Catalano picking the pole and his mother, Amy taking the outside pole.

The start of the second 20 saw Tommy quickly take the lead from his mother, Amy. Timmerman was running third and started to pressure Amy for the runner up position. He completed the job on lap three ducking low entering turn three. He then began to draw in on Tommy in the lead.

By lap eight, Timmerman had reached the rear of Tommy Catalano’s number 54 machine. They would duel back and forth for the remainder of the 20-lap affair. Mike Leaty was able to take third from Amy and tried to chase down the two leaders. He had Andy Jankowiak running three car lengths behind him in fourth, as Amy faded back to sixth.

A tie was declared at the line between Timmerman and Catalano. Leaty finished solid third followed by Jankowiak and Andy Lewis.

The finish:

Race No. 1: Andy Lewis, Kevin Timmerman, Tommy Catalano, Bobby Lippa Jr., Amy Catalano, Matt Lees, Andy Jankowiak, Mike Leaty, Darryl Lewis Jr., Eddie Hawkins, Ricky Knapp Jr., Mike Ramos

Race No. 2: Tommy Catalano/Kevin Timmerman, Mike Leaty, Andy Jankowiak, Andy Lewis, Amy Catalano, Darryl Lewis Jr., Matt Lees, Eddie Hawkins, Mike Ramos, Ricky Knapp Jr., Bobby Lippa Jr.