Spence Dominates At Hagerstown


On the restart, the front two again pulled out to settle the race between themselves as Spence was up on the wheel and didn’t miss a beat the final laps and led Miller to the checkered by .455 seconds.

“I never had a chance to see Red run a race; that was before my time,” Spence said. “I saw him run an old timer’s race once and as old as he was, you would have thought he was like a brand new baby with a bottle when he got in that car.”

Pettyjohn was able to hold off Myers who took fourth following the final restart. Taking fifth on the white flag was three time event winner (2009 to11) Jason Covert who came all the way from 22nd.

Austin Hubbard got past Hershey on the final lap for sixth while Jamie Lathroum came from the rear to get eighth. Marvin Winters was up to ninth from 17th while Rusty Sites completed the top ten.

David Williams set quick time of 18.620 seconds over the 41 car field.

Austin Stover quickly took the lead in the National Speed Supply/Dave Padula Motorsports four cylinders as John Stoll Jr. grabbed second while two time winner Ryan Laye pulled into third on the fifth lap. Stover and Stoll pulled away with Stoll throwing some challenges until making a pass stick on the 12th lap before the only caution regrouped the field.

By that time, previous winner Cody Kershner of Hagerstown was to third after starting 12th and he quickly dove under Stover and then Stoll to steal the lead and continue on to claim his second straight victory by three lengths over Stoll. Stover, Laye and Kevin Thomas completed the top five. Kershner was the J&S Salvage hard charger.

Hunter Nester led the All American Outlaws for the first four laps with heavy pressure from Bryan Green and Randy Doty with Green taking over until he received a nudge causing him to spin on the11th lap as Justin Cullum took over. Kevin Palmer quickly passed Cullum before he could lead a lap as Palmer led the final four to claim the win over Doty, Cullum, Tim Fake and Nester