Sodeman Masters Mercer Dirt


By lap 11, McKisson cleared the slower cars and it appeared that he might have had the advantage in clean air. Sodeman worked his way to third and he was pressing Ruth for the runnerup spot. Sodeman then grabbed second on lap 12 and he took off after McKisson.

A caution on lap 14 for debris wiped out McKisson’s advantage. Sodeman came to life after that caution and he passed McKisson just two laps after the race resumed. McKisson lost second to Bowser on lap 20, but as the leader closed on lapped traffic, things got interesting again.

Sodeman continued to lead, but McKisson regained second and he was close enough to assume the lead briefly when Sodeman bumped a slower car coming off the second turn.

When McKisson closed quickly on a pair of lappers, he tried to muscle by on the inside of one of them coming through turns three and four. Unfortunately, he got tangled up with the other machine, setting off a wild scramble.

When the dust settled, McKisson and third place runner, Bowser, were stopped, along with Brandon Matus and a pair of lapped cars. Another car, that of Francis Sesco, was also involved, and he came to a stop several yards away from the primary accident scene.

Somehow, Sodeman escaped the melee, and he was able to start the race on the point, with just three laps remaining. The running order behind him got shuffled around a bit, with Rod George, Eric WIlliams and Scott Priester among those who benefited from the misfortune of the others.

Sodeman completed the final three circuits without incident. George climbed to second, with Ruth salvaging a third. Priester came on to take fourth from Williams in the final two laps.

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Adam Fenwick
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