RPM Workshops Mark 40 Years Of Networking


MERRILL, Wis. – Three days of presentations, twenty-plus sessions, hundreds of casual conversations, will mark the fortieth anniversary of the RPM Promoters Workshops as short track promoters from the U.S. and Canada gather and network as they do each winter at the Eldorado Hotel Casino Reno in Nevada and during Speedweek 2013 in Daytona Beach.

RPM offers a relaxing mix of business, social time, and fun. Whether you’re completing your first or second season, or you are a seasoned veteran, the ideas you’ll pickup mingling in the halls, restaurants, pubs, and casino or racing pits are as important as those from formal presentations from the podium.

The RPM Workshops are for promoters, by promoters where for four decades, promoters have helped each other bolster car counts, ticket sales, sponsorship, fostering cooperation, and exchange of expertise. Whether you’re looking for car-count or crowd building ideas, for a sympathetic, experienced ear after a tough first season, or just looking to get recharged for the new season, the RPM Promoters Workshops will send you home with hundreds of money-making, problem-solving, and entertainment enhancing ideas as the Workshops have other promoters since 1974.

The Workshops will kick off with the keynote remarks of Chris Blair, most recently the Vice President–Racing Operations, Las Vegas Motor Speedway. He’ll share the spotlight with Todd Stucky, Eldora (Ohio) Speedway concession manager who will help promoters increase concession profits, Jody and Tom Deery who will offer retrospective remarks on RPM’s 40th, and attorneys Cary Agajanian and Ron Bennett anchors of liability and racing business law discussions.

Other sessions will include: “Class Count Crisis,” asking how many classes are too many for a nightly card; “The Challenge of Part-Time,” finding and training one-night-per-week employees; “Touchy Tech,” discussing tech policies in car-count challenged times; and a session especially for newcomers to track promotion. There will about talk about the opportunities, and pitfalls of social media, insurance, personal video recording, organic marketing, sealed spec engines, and more, to be added as they are confirmed.

Promoters may now reserve credentials via postal mail, FAX, or online. Reserve early and online and save $50 per credential while benefiting from Promoter Perks, an exhibitor discount program offered exclusively for the 40th RPM Promoters Workshops. The concept of Promoter Perks is simple. Buy at the Workshops what you plan to buy later for 2013 and save money that will offset the cost of your trip to the Workshops.

The Speedweek Workshop will feature the 29th Annual Workshops Awards Ceremonies when Racing Promotion Monthly reveals whom readers have selected as the 37th Auto Racing Promoter of the Year. Exhibitors from over forty companies will showcase products and services valuable to promoters during the Workshops’ concurrent trade shows.

The Workshops of the 40th Annual Series are scheduled for Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 2012 in Reno, Nev. and Feb. 18-20, 2013 in Daytona Beach, Fla.

The RPM Promoters Workshops, are produced by Racing Promotion Monthly, the idea newsletter of auto racing promoters. The Workshops are produced with the year-round support of K&K Insurance Group, Inc., Hoosier Racing Tire. Promoters looking for more information on the Workshops and the promoters’ newsletter may contact Racing Promotion Monthly editorial offices, P.O. Box 406, Merrill, WI 54452, 715-536-1067, FAX 715-536-3616, www.racingpromotionmonthly.com (http://www.racingpromotionmonthly.net/).