Reed Romps At Attica


As the laps ticked off Reed would regain his momentum and pulled away for the win over Mintz, Griffith, Philo and Martin.

Tim Sabo and John Mayes Jr. would lead the late model field to the green for their 25 laps feature with Sabo gaining the advantage over Dave Hornikel, Ryan Missler, Ken Hahn and Mayes. Missler would take second on lap three just as the caution flew for a tangle involving Matt Irey and Jeff McCoy. On the restart Missler would drive around Sabo for the lead while Hahn moved into third with Scott, who started seventh, taking fourth.

The caution would fly again on lap five for Ryan Eddleblute with the running order Missler, Sabo, Scott, Hahn and Devin Shiels. When the green flew, Missler pulled away from a terrific battle for second between Sabo, Scot and Hahn. With 10 laps in, the car on the move was Mike Bores who started 17th and had moved into fifth.

Meanwhile Missler had built a five second lead as Scott took second on lap 12. A caution for debris on lap 13 wiped out Missler’s huge advantage. On the restart Scott immediately pressured Missler for the lead as the two raced side by side until another caution debris on lap 17.

On the ensuing restart Scott would drive under Missler to take the lead with Sabo and a charging Dusty Moore in pursuit. Missler kept driving to Scott’s outside, but the second generation driver would not lose his cool and stayed glued to the bottom groove. When Chris Keller drove off the track on lap 21 to bring out the caution, Missler had one more shot at Scott. When the green waved Scott didn’t panic when Missler blasted to his outside. Meanwhile Irey, who was involved in the early race skirmish, had worked his way to fourth and would take third on lap 23.

Scott would drive to the win over Missler, Irey, Moore and Bores.

Two-time feature winner Dustin Dinan and Jimmy Colvin brought the 305 sprints to the green for their 25-lap feature with Dinan using the low groove to power into the lead. Fourth starter Bobby Clark would blast into second with sixth starter Dussel grabbing third over Colvin, T.J. Michael and Ivy. Dussel would take second on lap three while Clark and Ivy battled for third. Ivy would take third on lap five.

As Dinan began to close in on the rear of the field, Dussel quickly narrowed the gap with Ivy also making up ground. Dinan raced into traffic on lap 11 and Dussel was there to challenge for the lead. Dan Hammond would spin on lap 12 to give Dinan a clear track. On the restart Hammond would spin again. When the green reappeared, Dinan pulled away from Dussel with Ivy, Clark, Michael, Colvin and Seth Schneider in pursuit. Ivy would pressure Dussel for second as they tried to stay close to Dinan.

With five laps to go, Dinan was closing in on lapped traffic and again his lead would evaporate as Dussel and Ivy closed. Dinan and Dussel raced side by side over the next couple of laps and as they exited turn four with the white flag in the air, Dussel drove to the lead.

Dussel would take the win over Dinan, Ivy, Michael and Clark.

Brian Sorg and Art Ball paced the Bob’s Machine Shop/BMS Engines Dirt Trucks for their 15 lap feature. Sorg would grab the lead over Ball as Tony Siferd, Dwight Waltermeier gave chase. The caution flew on lap two for a Siferd and Andy Keegan dust up. On the restart Dustin Keegan would drive into second and closed on Sorg as the caution flew on lap four for Jeff Warnick. When the green reappeared Keegan bolted to Sorg’s outside to grab the lead. Meanwhile Ivy had worked his way from 12th to sixth.

When the green came back out Keegan lead Sorg as Ivy blasted into third over Ball, Daniel Roepke and Waltermeier. Ivy drove into second on lap eight and quickly closed on Keegan. Ivy would take the lead with a low move on lap 11 as Keegan had his hands full with Roepke.

Ivy would drive away fro the win over Keegan, Roepke, Sorg and Ball.

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