Two In A Row For Mark Dobmeier


KNOXVILLE, Iowa — For the second week in a row, Mark Dobmeier stood atop the podium at the Knoxville Raceway after winning the 410 feature.

It was the Grand Forks, North Dakota native’s 11th career win here.

It was also Twin Features Night for the 360’s and Nate Van Haaften and Dustin Selvage claimed those 18-lap events.

The start of the 20-lap 410 feature was chaotic. Jason Johnson spun in front of the field, and Rager Phillips and Garrett Dollansky were caught up in the fray and retired. Cole Wood and Glen Saville also headed to the work area. Pole-sitter, Rico Abreu, was the only one to make direct contact with Johnson, and he restarted at the tail after repairs to the front of his car.

Dobmeier assumed the pole and took off ahead of Bronson Maeschen and Dusty Zomer. More problems for Phillips and RJ Johnson slowed things with three laps in the books. By that time, B main winner, Davey Heskin, had moved from 19th to 8th.

Zomer surged to second on the restart, but Maeschen repaid the favor on lap seven, with Terry McCarl fourth and Wayne Johnson running fifth. At the halfway mark, Heskin was up to fifth.

Maeschen made advances on Dobmeier, but slipped up within a couple of car lengths with five to go. He tried to reel in the leader, but Dobmeier maintained his advantage. Zomer finished third ahead of McCarl and Heskin. Ian Madsen, Wayne Johnson, Jason Johnson, Josh Schneiderman and Lynton Jeffrey completed the top 10.

“I couldn’t be prouder of this team right now,” said Dobmeier. “We’ve all been working our tails off, and we’re finally getting where we need to be. I’ve spent most of my life in the back because I can’t qualify, so I didn’t mind seeing those lapped cars. I don’t mind those a bit.”