Smith & McRoberts Split Little DCRP Victories


DODGE CITY, Kan. – The curtains came down on the racing season atop the seventh-mile Little DCRP clay oval with Jaden Smith and Deekan McRoberts topping the 30-lap Family Outdoor Recreation Kart features.

Jaden Smith led the initial 17 circuits of the Adult Kart feature before surrendering the point to sibling Jordan Smith. Jordan Smith led the next ten rounds only to have Jaden Smith battle back into the lead on the 27th round on the way to the $50 triumph ahead of Jordan Smith and Daniel Williams.

In the 30-lap Junior Kart feature, Deekan McRoberts worked his way past Travis Pack on the sixth round and the led the rest of the to finish off a perfect season with the $50 win.

McRoberts doubled on the day, also completing a perfect season of Novice Junior Sprint competition while Briggs Williams put the finishing touches on a championship season in the Advanced Junior Sprints.

McRoberts wasn’t the only one to double in the season finale, as Tanner Johnson beat Ace Moore to the line in both the Winged A Class and Non-Wing A Class Micro Sprints.

Randle McRoberts rounded out the day by winning the Open Outlaw Kart feature event.