56 Modifieds Qualify At 81 Speedway


PARK CITY, Kan. — Fifty-six drivers from six different states took part in two sets of complete heat races during the opening night of the inaugural “Modified Spring Scramble” at 81 Speedway Friday night featuring the season opener for the National Championship Racing Ass’n modified division.

Those total number of heat race finishing and passing points will make up last chance and the Championship feature finale for Saturday night.

The first set of 10-lap heat races were won by Dustin Belcher, Al Purkey, Darren Moses, Tanner Mullens, Gene Weaver and Ryan Gustin. The second set of ten lap heat races were won by Johnny Bone, Jr., Josh Lanterman, Rick Beebe, Tanner Mullens, Darron Fuqua and Justin Rexwinkle.

After the points were tabulated after those heat races, the top ten drivers in points that will draw for starting positions for Saturday night’s 50-lap championship feature are, from highest in points to 10th: Darron Fuqua, Tanner Mullens, Rick Beebe, Ryan Gustin, John Allen, Al Purkey, Johnny Bone, Jr., Josh Lanterman, Justin Rexwinkle and Dan Powers.

Championship Saturday night will see last chance qualifiers run to make up the final 10 starting positions for Saturday night’s 24-car feature finale.



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