Tremont Stops Hearn At Albany-Saratoga


MALTA, N.Y. — Twenty four hours after dropping out and watching rival Brett Hearn win Lebanon Valley Speedway’s Mr. Dirt Track USA classic from the pit, Kenny Tremont Jr. watched Hearn finish second at the Albany-Saratoga Speedway by looking through his rock screen.

With the full house up and screaming, Tremont claimed his third win of the season by less than the proverbial bumper after a pitched battle between the two old pros.

Polesitter Brian Gleason led the 35-lapper early on but front row companion Chris Busta slipped by on lap four with Mark Kislowski following. But by lap 10, the 11th starting Tremont was fourth and Hearn sixth all the way from 15th and the war was on.

Tremont grabbed second in traffic on lap 16 but a pair of yellows interrupted his march to the front and he didn’t dispose of Busta until lap 26. Three laps later, Hearn dropped Busta to third and slowly drew in on the leader, though it seemed that Tremont’s lead would easily hold up to the end.

Then a yellow for a car stalled at the pit gate erased Tremont’s slight advantage, with Hearn then darting alongside when green reappeared with three to go. They ran that way to the final turn, when Hearn got the advantage with a low side dive. But Tremont’s one week old Troyer get a tremendous bite off the top and he got to the flagstand inches ahead of “The Jet.”

Kislowski hit the stripe third, trailed by Marc Johnson, Peter Britten, Keith Flach, Busta, Ronnie Johnson, Donnie Ronca and Gleason.

“I heard Brett, then I saw him,” said Tremont. “I wasn’t going to move off the bottom until I saw somebody and all of a sudden it was time. This car has way more bite than my other car, though you can always use more. Tonight it had just enough.”