Oswego Reveals Rule Changes, New Class

Oswego Speedway has confirmed a number of rule changes and a new class for 2019.

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Officials with the Oswego Speedway revealed the track’s rule changes ahead of the new season along with the addition of a 350 Supermodified class.

For next year, all big-block supermodified teams will be required to use a phoenix-type wing on the rear end of their cars. This wing will be used in place of the traditional tail section.

Following several weeks of tunnel testing, tech officials were able to verify a wing size of 22” chord X 48” width and a location that is equal as possible for the consideration of different roll cage heights and shapes seen in the supermodified division.

In addition, the wings must have side plates with a maximum dimension set at 18X26.” Side plates can be no more than 1” above the wing surface and must be made of .050, 2024 aluminium and properly shaped or braced to prevent any bending and/or flexing.

The trailing edge of the wing body can be no more than 40” behind the center of the rear axle. The leading edge of the wing can be no further forward than the center of the rear axle. The wing must be mounted between the LR and RR inner sidewalls.

Any method of mounting is allowed providing it is fixed in place, safe, strong and neat in appearance.

If the framework is built from tubing, it must be covered on both the inside and outside with aluminum sheet metal. Aluminum plate brackets will be allowed. The wing framework or brackets may be attached to the bottom or sides of the wing in any safe manner. For safety reasons, no bracing toward the roll cage area will be allowed.

The wing must be attached with a minimum of 7/16” heim ends with a 7/16” bolt. If bolt on brackets are used, they must be attached with a minimum bolt diameter of 5/16.”

Sheet metal will be allowed on both the left and right side nerf bars. It can be no more than 12” high and must be safely attached and located between the tires. It must be single plane and be parallel to the frame rails.

Body panels (excluding the nose wing) producing downforce will not be allowed.

The front and/or rear lower frame rails may flare up, but no vertical sheet metal may extend below the lower frame rails. No tunneling of the air is allowed. No side panel flaring or skirting will be allowed.

Supermodifieds must weigh 1,975 pounds after the race with the driver in all required racing gear.

For the added 350 Supermodified class, Oswego Speedway will be following the basic 350 Super rules implemented at the Star Speedway in New Hampshire.

As far as the small-block supermodified class is concerned, the 602 crate engine program is remaining mandatory for the upcoming season.

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